Small Groups

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Connect Groups

We believe the best way to grow in faith is in a personal, ongoing relationship with Jesus partnered with fellow believers in pursuit of holiness.

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Adult Groups

We have several classes that span from young singles, young married, middle married, to our Senior Saints! We have several options with excellent teachers of the Word of God.

Carl's Kids - Taught by Carl Goforth for young married and up.

Misfits - Taught by Mark Langston for middle-aged adults.

Risen Son - Taught by Pat Morrison for recently retired adults.

One Short - Taught by James Short for our Senior adults.

Ambassadors - Taught by Bill Hudson for our Senior adults.

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Teen Years and College

For our students from Middle School through college we have classes on Sunday for their groups as well.

Middle School and High School

Teacher - Matt Miller

College and Young Professionals

Teacher - Pastor Blake Prater

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Children's Groups

Nursery is served through volunteers; and is available during Sunday school and worship.

3yr old's - Kindergarten - Megan Brown

1st - 3rd Grades - Misty Hudson

4th - 5th Grades - Julie Prater

During Worship, we are firm believers in families worshipping together. Worship should begin in the home and continue into the Sanctuary, together. Up to the age of 4, we have a nursery for small children but welcome the wonderful sounds of children participating in worship.

For locations of these classes on campus, find a Greeter and they will direct you.